2nd Ume Work in Process_2019AUT

It’s a sunny day in the autumn, we started our second round of Ume Plum work. Our factory is in Asagiri Town in the east of Hitoyoshi Kuma Basin surrounded by the mountains. On our way to the factory, there is Mt. Ichifusa to the left and Mr. Shiraga to the right.

We store the green Ume Plums in the low temperature freezer. Today they have been cooked in the high pressure steam pot. The color turned absolutely gorgeous and we are taking every due care to make our product safe and delicious.

We love our jars. We wanted our customers enjoy and utilize the empty jars. We have our repeating customers commented they used for a table-top small dressing shaker, storing herbs, pen stand and flower bases. We love the creativity!

We sanitize them in a high temperature numerous times during the production process. When they are in line and come out of the heater , we just adore the look of clarity and cleanness of our jars.