7/17 Ume Plum Work – Green Ume Plum Puree

Hitoyoshi Kuma region has a close relationship with Ume Plums. Sagara Clan, the Samurai Lord who ruled the area for over 700 years had a family crest, which has plums and swords. City of Hitoyoshi owns the public plum orchard where families in the city will go “plum picking” in early summer. Making preserved plums is a very common scene in this region.

Learned from our mothers’ Ume Plum works, we washed the plums carefully and place them in a copper pot ready to cook.

Here are the jars filled with Green Ume Plums Puree. Jade color reminds us so much of our mother Kumagawa River. It is sparking. Our presale starts on August 8. Thank you so much for waiting.