7/24 Recipe Sampling

With our newly finished Green Ume Plum Puree and Ume Plum Butter, we had a fun time creating the recipes and sampling them out. We discovered they are not only the condiments but also can be used for many ways in cooking, such as a base for salad dressing and sauces. Recipes can be found at our Instagram posts.

We think this is staple and simply so delicious. Green Ume Plums on a toast with Mascarpone. It makes the breakfast so special. You can substitute Mascarpone with cream cheese for sure. Enjoy the pure taste of Green Ume Plum Puree.

This is our Ume Plum Butter on top of yoghurt. Just adding one spoonful of Ume Plum Butter makes the ordinary yoghurt tastes like a Crème Brulee! We call it “Ume Plum Butter Magic”!

Marinated in the sauce made with Green Ume Plum Puree and roasted in the oven spareribs are the finger-licking special treat for the gathering. With powers of the Ume Plums, it tenderizes and gives a glow. Perfect for parties and everyday meals.

We asked a professional photographer for shooting our photos today.

We want to note the healthy and delicious combination of Green Ume Plum Puree, yoghurt and Amazake. Amazake is Koji fermented rice grains rich in amino acids and probiotics. Non-alcohol sake has been the nutrients for Japanese people for centuries. Green Ume Plum Puree actually masks the Amazake scent and makes very easy to eat. Following the old saying “Ume Plums keep away the hazards of the day” in the better ways is now achieved.