Online Store Resumed

The torrential rain in the Southern Kyushu in on July 4 this year flooded Kumagawa River and the major part of the region was damaged by water. The water level went up to 2 meters at our head office and the warehouse and we had to stop the operation to restore the business and help others who were less fortunate. Your kind words on the social network were truly encouraging and we want to thank you for your kindness. The season goes on and the new harvest came. We resumed our productions with the new gingers and chestnuts of this year.

We added two new items to the store. “Blessing of Mountains in Hitoyoshi-Kuma” includes 3 kinds of the precious dried mountain vegetable. The selection reminds us of the simple and slow life of old days. Another is Hitoyoshi Kuma Bancha, which is the slightly roasted green tea from the region. The marriage with our Young Ginger Syrup is new but intriguing. We invented the Japanese version of Spiced Chai. We hope you can try them to feel true authenticity of Japanese food culture.