No.06 Green Ume Plum Vineger

Green Ume Plum Puree is blended with brewed vinegar. Hitoyoshi-Kuma local manufacturer, Kamada Shoyury’s craftsmen are putting their skills into this bottle. You can mix with club soda or your favorite spirits for the beautiful jade colored drinks. You can substitute the regular vinegar to this for mild and effective masking, glossy and tasteful addition to your cooking. Sushi rice, dressings, stir fries; the possibility is unlimited.

Product Name: Green Ume Plum Vineger
Ingredients: Green Ume Plums of Hitoyoshi-Kuma, Hanamito cane sugar (Kagoshima & Okinawa)
Net: 250g
Expiration: See the bottom of the jar
Keep in the room temperature and avoid the direct sun light. Refrigerate after opening.
The production line also processes soybean products. Dark colored plum stems may be contained.
Bottle size: H212.0mm W40.0mm D40.0mm
Nutrition Fact (per 100 grams): 154kcal, Protein 0.3g, Fat 0.2g, Carbohydrate 37.7g, Sodium 0.1g

Serving Tips