No.01 Green Ume Plum Purée

Making preserved Ume Plums in the early summer is a common tradition in Hitoyoshi-Kuma region in Kumamoto Prefecture. We selected the highest quality Ume Plums from the local orchards and made it into beautiful jade-colored puree with only sugar. It can be served with your favorite bread or as a condiment for your yoghurt, or mix with Shochu, Gin or club soda to make great refreshments. It is pure and natural so you can add it to many Japanese cooking. The combination with soy sauce, vinegar or miso makes the wonderful accents to traditional Japanese cooking. “Ume Plums keep away the hazards of the day”; the old saying can be practiced easily and deliciously every day at your table.

Product Name: Green Ume Plum Puree (sugar-added)
Ingredients: Green Ume Plums of Hitoyoshi-Kuma, Hanamito cane sugar (Kagoshima & Okinawa)
Net: 110g/210g
Expiration: See the bottom of the jar
Keep in the room temperature and avoid the direct sun light. Refrigerate after opening.
The production line also processes soybean products. Dark colored plum stems may be contained.
Nutrition Fact (per 100 grams): 210kcal, Protein 0.3g, Fat 0.0g, Carbohydrate 52.2g, Sodium 0.0g

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