No.08 Honey from Japanese Honey Bees

Asagiri Town in Kuma Region in Kumamoto impresses those who visit with the beautiful scenery of the mountains and morning mist. The beekeeper in the area collected and extracted the beautiful
honey from extinct Japanese Honeybees, one of native species in Japan.

The honey is very distinctive in taste and aroma, much different from one from the western honeybees. It contains natural yeast and pollens from the wildflowers in Southern Kyushu. The taste is somewhat energizing. As far as we choose to live with and protect the nature, the gift from the bees will be given. We believe so and the little jar of the honey represents our thoughts.

Ingredients: Honey (Southern Kyushu)
No food additives or artificial colorings.
Net: 120g
Expiration: See the bottom of the jar
Keep in the room temperature and avoid the direct sun light. When it hardends, leave in the room
temperature to liquify. Do not give to toddlers under 12 months old.
Nutrition Fact (per 100 grams): 321kcal, Protein 0.0g, Fat 0.0g, Carbohydrate 78.3g, Sodium 0.0g