Taiyaki and Ume Plum Butter

by Petit Bonheur

We have been eating their Taiyaki (snapper shaped cake filled with red bean paste) from Akiyama Confectionary Store at the corner of Kokonokamachi crossing in Hitoyoshi. Crispy head and tails are never changed. We can look through the window of making them in a special pan. There is a line sometimes but when you are in Hitoyoshi, you gotta try this.

Great Taiyaki is now to the next level with our great Ume Plum Butter. The tanginess neutralizes the sweetness of red bean paste and vanilla flavor adds the extra to the cake outside. With our new finding, the combination of red beans paste and Ume Plum Butter, no one can fail.

Kumagawa Artisans product in the menu