Ume Plum Braised Sardines

by Natsu

Sardines are the most available and most nutritious sea products for Japanese people for centuries. People came up with braising the sardines in vinegar or other kind of acids so that the bones can be eaten. We tried with our Green Ume Plum Puree and bingo! It came out absolutely tender and delicious. The acid of the Puree perfectly covers the fishy taste.

Clean 300g of small sardines, Boil 4Tbs soy sauce, 4Tbs cooking sake, 2Tbs Green Ume Plums in a flat pan. Add sardines and cover with a parchment paper. Pour the sauces over the fish time to time and cook for 20 minutes. Reduce the liquid until the preferred thickness. A bowl of steam rice, ready?

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