Fish Escabeche

by Kumagawa Artisans

Fried fish marinated in vinegary brine has been a staple for the Japanese table. Interestingly it is
Spanish/Portuguese influence. Adding Green Ume Vinegar makes it absolutely scrupmtious.

・Fish fillet cut into pieces 300g
・Corn starch 3Tbs
・Oil for deep frying

・Green Ume Plume Vinegar 2Tbs
・Vinegar 2Tbs
・Soy Sauce 3Tbs
・Sugar 2Tbs
・1 Onion, thinly sliced

Pat dry fish pieces and dust corn starch. Heat oil for 170C then fry fish until golden brown.Mix brine mixure and marinade fried fish while it is hot. You can add julienned carrots, red chili pepper
and red pepper for more colors and flavors.

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